Peyton’s Room

FINALLY! I have a second room in our house completely finished!

We have been gathering items for her “big girl” room for years, but it finally came together in our forever home!

As you probably know, all the walls in our home were the flat, contractor brown/tan. Coming up with a color for Peyton was hard because she likes bright, vibrant colors. I didn’t want it to be too bright because I wanted her to feel at ease in her space.

After much deliberation, we went with a peachy orange color that matches her bedding that we had bought a Target a few years ago. Yes, that sounds terrible, but she just started sleeping in her own bed 3 months ago…. Anywho, we also had a pretty good amount of items that we had picked for her decor, but she still needed a few things to make it all come together.

Here are the items we had before and how they were arranged.

After a few trips to Hobby Lobby, we started to paint. It was a bit hazardous as we tried to dodge furniture pieces and we also let her sleep in our room on her mattress, which was a whole separate adventure.

We began running low on paint and in true good parenting fashion, we made sure to get the trim around the bed and window done completely, so she could sleep back in her own room the following night.

After ANOTHER trip to Lowe’s, we were able to finish the painting. Then it was my turn to decide where everything should go. I took a combination of her old and new items, and placed them in a more cohesive gallery design that had larger anchor pieces. I felt like the previous arrangement was too busy, with too many small items.

I used the same items above her bed and put some of the smaller wall items on the shelves. Then, the remaining items, I arranged on either side of her closet.

Here are the results!

You can see the full story and more pictures on my Instagram page. Hope you enjoyed reading about the transformation!

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