Rock, Paper, Scissor Can Save Your Marriage!

I am sure, at one point or another, that everyone has played paper, rock, scissor (or rock, paper, scissor- however you choose to order it) but did you know that it can actually be beneficial to your marriage? Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I are not the picture perfect “conflict resolvers” (yes, I invented that word) but we do know how to resolve … Continue reading Rock, Paper, Scissor Can Save Your Marriage!

Breastfeeding, Bonnets, and Sunsets

  Breastfeeding is not white linen dresses in sunflower fields with a child gently suckling your breast. Sometimes, it’s tug-of-war with bloody nipples and getting beat up by your baby. With all the recent hoop-la surrounding breastfeeding and all the controversy, I have stood silently by and watched the debate. It seems to me that there are two distinct camps: those that think you need … Continue reading Breastfeeding, Bonnets, and Sunsets